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Join TilesXport in redefining spaces with our exquisite range of Italian Porcelain Tiles and Porcelain Slabs. Specializing in global exports, we connect you with Italian craftsmanship, ensuring quality, variety, and prompt delivery for every project.

What is TilesXport?

TilesXport is a B2B portal. It's your go-to source for premium Italian Porcelain Tiles and Porcelain Slabs. We connect global businesses with top-notch wall and floor solutions, offering competitive prices, prompt delivery, and expert guidance. With 600+ stock options and Discounted Prices up to -60%, choose TilesXport for quality, reliability, and global tile excellence.

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What sets TilesXport Apart

Features & Advantages.

Competitive Prices

Thanks to direct collaborations with the best Italian manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, TilesXport is able to offer advantageous pricing and exclusive promotions, making the purchase of high-end tiles more accessible.

Wide Selection of Tiles

TilesXport offers an extensive range of Italian porcelain tiles known for their exceptional quality and unique design, catering to diverse aesthetic and functional needs of customers. +600 Products in Stock

Timely Delivery

Experience the promise of punctuality! At TilesXport, we ensure your dream space comes to life with timely delivery – because your time is as precious as our commitment.

Easy Export

Simplify your tile experience with easy export solutions at TilesXport. Seamlessly navigate the world of international delivery, making your design dreams a reality, effortlessly.

International Experience

Global elegance, delivered to your space. TilesXport offers an international experience, bringing top-quality tiles from around the world to your doorstep.

Quality Guaranteed

Unleash the confidence in every tile choice with TilesXport's quality guarantee. Elevate your space with assurance, where excellence meets every square foot.

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Explore TilesXport Gallery: Where quality meets variety in our warehouse and product showcase.

How TilesXport Works

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